Our practice

The list of main services that the Company can provide to ensure the security of the investment business:

1) providing advice on security of investment attraction and implementation of investment projects;
2) study of certain areas of investment activities for security purposes;
3) organization of permanent and operational measures to protect investments, business in general, property and relevant persons;
4) assistance in resolving conflict issues with government officials or any persons;
5) constant support of business activity, with safety control;
6) analysis of business security;
7) protection of trade secrets;
8) protection of information communications;
9) control of inventories;
10) physical protection of personnel and facilities;
11) inspection and control of personnel;
12) inspection of contractors (individuals and legal entities);
13) identification of threats to current activities;
14) assessment of safety of perspective activity;
15) establishing communication and interaction with the authorities, management and law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

Criminal jurisprudence

Lawyer Vasyl Anatoliyovych Volyk in 2001 graduated from the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav Mudryi (the Wise) (Institute of Personnel Training for Prosecutors), Law specialist.

Work experience in jurisprudence over 20 years.

From July 2001 to October 2019 he worked in various prosecutorial and investigative positions in the prosecutor’s office of Ukraine. He was repeatedly encouraged by the leadership of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

In 2020 he started his own legal career. Among the priority areas is the implementation of proper protection and representation of the rights and legitimate interests of the client at the stages of pre-trial investigation and trial in criminal proceedings.

We provide qualified legal assistance to ensure that no person is subjected to unreasonable procedural coercion, and that each participant in criminal proceedings is subject to due process of law.

We provide competent protection against criminal prosecution at all stages of the criminal process. Our lawyers specialize in criminal law and process and provide defense at the pre-trial investigation stage before the suspicion is served; provide protection of the suspect at the stage of pre-trial investigation; represent the interests of the victim; participate in the proceedings in the courts of first, appellate and cassation instances.

The key to success in providing competent legal assistance aimed at protecting the interests of the client is:

– preliminary analysis of the risks of criminal liability in the course of economic activity;

– competent protection against criminal prosecution by law enforcement officers;

– representation and protection of the client from undue pressure from law enforcement officers during investigative (search) actions in the National Police of Ukraine, NABU, SBU, DBR and others;

– conducting audits, examinations, investigative actions at the initiative of the defense.

We are professionals in providing legal assistance in choosing precautionary measures, seizures of property, extradition of participants. We comprehensively support criminal proceedings under the jurisdiction of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, the State Bureau of Investigation, and the Security Service of Ukraine.

International law

Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the first class, international lawyer Volodymyr Mykhailovych Puzyrko  graduated from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv in 1993 ,  Faculty of Law, specialization – advocacy, international law. In  2001  – Geneva Center for Security Policy (Switzerland). He speaks  English ,  Romanian  and  Polish .

He worked at the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the Council of Europe , Chief Legal Adviser of the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine , Consul General of Ukraine in  Istanbul , Representative of Ukraine to the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the first class.

We provide representation of interests of foreign companies and investors in the economic and legal space of Ukraine. We provide delegated powers in public authorities.

Our lawyers have practical experience in working with bureaucracy and business support in “extreme conditions”. They specialize in the international direction of conducting business negotiations and transactions. We comprehensively support the establishment of companies in Ukraine, registration of copyright and intellectual property rights, obtaining permits, recruitment, insurance, asset management from abroad, audit and financial reporting.

Understanding the purpose and responsibility in this area, we work to:

  • promoting the development of good relations of our clients with other companies, institutions, organizations, expansion of economic, trade, scientific, technical and humanitarian ties;
  • enjoyed in full all the rights provided by the legislation of Ukraine;
  • restoration of potentially violated rights of legal entities and citizens on the territory of Ukraine and within its international jurisdiction;
  • providing assistance and informing non-residents of Ukraine about changes in legislation that may adversely affect trade and business;
  • representation until the persons they represent appoint their proxies or assume protection of their rights and interests;
  • We monitor and protect our clients so that in the event of their arrest (arrest) or detention on suspicion of committing a crime, or subjected to other measures restricting their liberty, or serving a sentence of imprisonment, as well as subject to other measures of justice. or administrative influence, the legislation of the host state and the agreements concluded by Ukraine with that state and the international agreements to which Ukraine and the host state are parties have been complied with;
  • carrying out notarial acts, consular legalization and registration of migration documents;
  • granting in full to the owners of merchant, passenger ships and aircraft and to the representatives of such companies the rights and immunities in accordance with the legislation of the host state and international agreements.

We quickly orient ourselves in various complex issues and provide comprehensive legal advice, take legal representation measures to achieve the success of our clients.


Agricultural direction


Lawyer Fostiy Viktor Stepanovych,Lawyer Fostiy Viktor Stepanovych, who has the right to practice law on the basis of a certificate of the right to practice law № 4525/10 dated 28.04.2011, head of the Agrarian Department.

We closely monitor all types of legal transactions with land, slang products and agricultural machinery to protect our clients from financial fraud, unscrupulous partners and illegal law enforcement influence. The company’s lawyers prevent the illegal seizure of property, its possible transfer for safekeeping to third parties or ARMA; we model and analyze steps to stay ahead to avoid raids or theft of property.

Experts with many years of experience use their practice to eliminate weaknesses, conflicts between top managers and owners (key shareholders), unmanaged accounts payable, inefficient use and availability of land and other facilities owned by the company. We support the implementation of measures of state supervision (control) in the field of land use and protection.

We offer the creation and administration of a system of comprehensive protection of your corporate rights and information, monitoring of external threats and general legal (if necessary, physical) support of the enterprise.


With service facilities in different parts of the country, we need three hours for our team to be able to come to you for maximum legitimacy.